Building the future one pixel at a time... lol

I was the Senior Creative Director, Industrial Designer, UX Designer for Kinetics, a small startup company that developed what has now become the standard means of airline check-in. Kinetics developed both hardware and software solutions for self-service check-in for many of the world’s major airlines.

Over 30 million people used KINETICS products a year in more than 120 U.S. airports and our products became the gold standard of airline check-in.

My key responsibilities were to provide industrial design of the visual form & function of the hardware and develop the user interface (UX/UI) of the public-facing software along with the design & production of supporting materials for marketing & presentations for both the airline clients and Kinetics.

• Northwest Airline’s initial rollout: 27 cities

• Continental Airline’s initial rollout: 120 cities

• Alaska Airline’s initial rollout: 140 cities

Provided 3d previs renderings, system designs and technical drawings for both freestanding and in-counter kiosks. Numerous prototypes were developed to ensure efficiency and adherence to ADA requirements.