Why shouldn't work be fun?

Florida Hospital Daytona Speedway – managed two Unity development teams to produce 10 interactive mini-games on a tight deadline for grand opening event. Worked directly with Florida Hospital to develop game concepts, storyboards and mockups. Provided project leadership and 2d/3d asset creation for dev teams.

From the moment rumors started flying that Apple might be working on the next generation of the cell phone, the world of tele-communication has never been the same.

Working in multimedia throughout the years has been like standing under constant waterfall of new hardware, software and emerging markets. The iPhone represents just one of the new platforms developers, designers and the business community have the opportunity to develop new media experiences.

This device has a video, audio, a touch screen, accelerometer, wifi, a cellular connection and one of the worlds most advanced operating systems.

In the pursuit iPhone & OS X software development, I learned a ton about C, Objective-C, Object Orientated Programming (OOP), MVC patterns, Xcode, iPhone API and the orchestration of the various iPhone media capabilities to provide an advanced application “also know as” FUN!